Trance Giving

If your plans for tonight involve playing shuffleboard with Grandma and watching Uncle Ned's nose hairs grow, then you clearly need a well-deserved break from the yearly family Thanksgiving hell. It's time to give the good Lord thanks for turntables, for beats, for electronic music, for your own two dancing feet and for your ability to shake that ass — and it's only appropriate that this appreciation for God's bounty takes place at the Church, during its fourth annual Thanks4Giving Thanksgiving Eve Party.

Tonight's eighteen-and-up bash features tunes by Markus Schulz (ranking at number thirteen in the DJ Top 100 list of the world's best record-spinners) as well as DJs Dragon, Trajikk and Hycloud, plus a hip-hop/Top 40 stage where the Klutch Beat Boutique provides the soundtrack. The Church is at 1160 Lincoln Avenue; call 303-832-8628 for VIP reservations or visit or for information.
Wed., Nov. 21, 2007