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The Cult

According to legend, Ian Astbury disbanded Southern Death Cult because of overwhelmingly positive press. Fact or fiction, it does explain how he and longtime sparring partner, guitarist Billy Duffy, have methodically alienated their fan base several times. The Cult abandoned gothic frippery for metal at a time when Ministry's Al Jourgenson was still in mascara, then forayed into stadium rock and peyote tomes. Avoiding those pesky good reviews ensured that they would never please everyone who claims them. But the band's new release, Born Into This, attempts to bridge the gap with something sure to please and repel everyone in equal measure. The common thread throughout is pure rock sleaze. Hopefully the welcome reactions the group garnered while touring Europe with the Who won't cause another breakup. After Astbury's stint impersonating Jim Morrison with the remaining members of the Doors, it'll be good to see him back doing what he does best: impersonating Jim Morrison with the Cult.