World of Wonder

Still seeking thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts for those special someones, friends and family members on your shopping list? Don't panic. Grab your list and your wallet and get yourself to Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, 1405 Florence Street, for Wonders/Maravillas, the annual holiday show and sale of original artworks by DAVA youth and guest artists.

The display includes works that DAVA youth have produced in after-school programs throughout the year, as well as art that was created specifically for Wonders/Maravillas. "They've been painting silk scarves, and they've been producing boxes and pins and special ceramic cups," explains executive director Susan Jenson. "There's really a wide selection that ranges from limited-edition prints to photographs to ceramics to wearable art, and there are some professional artists in there as well" — Eugene Stewart-Huidobro, Beth Hutchinson, Donna Kitchens and Alberto Veronica.

DAVA is particularly excited to see alumnus Veronica's industrial ceramics in the show. "He was a student of ours for many years, so he's an extra-special visiting artist from our standpoint," Jenson says. "He came to after-school programs in ceramics from the age of ten forward, so he became sort of a local celebrity. He never goes away, and we're happy about that.

"It's always a very popular show for us," she continues, "because I think the kids really see it as a way of showcasing what they do in a broader sense, as opposed to thematically. And it's also a celebration, and we all love celebrations."

The exhibit opened on December 6 and will be on display through January 18; stop by DAVA from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or by appointment. Visit or call 303-367-5886.
Dec. 6-Jan. 18, 2007