Lovely Betty

It seems so obvious as to be laughable: Physically, women and men are very different. Female frames carry smaller shoulders and larger hips; men are more top-heavy and possess more upper-body strength. But when it comes to sports like skiing and snowboarding, we sometimes forget that what's sauce for the gander is not, in fact, sauce for the goose, too.

It's this notion that has inspired the folks at Keystone to hold Betty Fest, a weekend of girls-only workshops and activities that takes place three times throughout the season.

The Fest is open to betties of all ability levels and includes extensive on-hill training with certified women instructors, video analysis, yoga, an après party and female-specific discussions about nutrition and equipment, held in a fun, non-intimidating environment. Tickets for this early-season session, which opens today and continues tomorrow, are $180 for Betty Fest alumni and college students and $195 for new students; the price does not include lift tickets. Regular-season Betty Fest sessions run on January 26-27 and February 9-10 and cost $200 to $215; Keystone also offers special one-day women's ski workshops throughout the season on Wednesdays. Visit or call 1-800-255-3715 for registration and information.
Dec. 8-9; Jan. 26-27; Feb. 9-10, 2007