Move Your Bass

For me, fishing is all about luck.

I have no idea which lure catches which fish, and one time I thought I had the big one on my line — but the hook was just stuck on the lake's floor. For me, fishing is a lot like surfing: Even if you suck, it's fun getting out there and waiting for that first bite, that perfect wave.

Ice fishing, though, is a whole other animal.

For all the real casters out there, Denver Bass Masters is hosting its third annual Ice Fishing Weekend, a day packed with how-to workshops on fishing for trout and walleye, choosing the proper shelter and using underwater cameras and fish-finders. An outdoor ice-fishing pond is available, and Bass Masters promises fun for the whole family.

It all takes place at Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World, 7970 Northfield Boulevard, beginning at 10 a.m. today and 11 a.m. tomorrow. Information is available at
Dec. 8-9, 2007