Letters to the Editor

"Gone," Jared Jacang Maher, December 20

Going, Going, Gone

Wow! Last week's cover story was amazing. I couldn't put the paper down. I've always been fascinated with the old Gates plant, and I've been tempted to tour the place myself. I could not believe what happened to John Polzin, who sounded like a great guy. My sympathies to his family.
Rosie Herrera

Really!? You commit a crime (breaking and entering), and if something bad happens, you get to sue the owner for not making his property safe for trespassers? What a country!
J. Lee

Interesting article for anyone who ever wanted to know about the old Gates plant. I think I would have very much liked the original company president.  I recently moved, and frequently go past Mississippi and Broadway — just in time to see the southern half of the place come down with the bridge.
Brother Love

Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano, December 20

Slave to the Truth

I thought the letter from PRAVDA to the Mexican was intriguing and really asked the interesting questions needing to be asked. And I think this government oughta pass new laws allowing legal status for Mexicans now working here without papers — human rights, etc. (so I'm not in the "deport all brown people" camp). I think Gustavo Arellano too glibly dismissed this guy, and I was confused by his answer. (I think Gustavo is clever at the expense of being comprehensible.)

I'm glad Gustavo corrected PRAVDA about the actual money. But maybe it would better serve everyone if the great masses of impoverished Latin Americans had to stay in their countries; maybe they would then revolt and force some change.  I know it's a global situation — the world economy complete with a global ruling class — and I think that's what PRAVDA misses. But I also think revolt in those countries might set off something toward justice.

As for slavery: Yeah, "free will to leave this country" — and then go back and live in poverty.

Finally: Lou Dobbs's Marxist drivel?! Maybe I'm missing the joke, but this guy hardly seems Marxist to me. He consistently fails to see how the plight of the American worker is tied to the fate of workers overseas, and always pits working gringos against our compadres around the world.
Mike Kingsbury

Savage Love, Dan Savage, December 6

Fat Chance

Dan, you stupid bitch! I long ago stopped reading your so-called advice column because you're an asshole. I still can't believe you get paid to peddle such bullshit. Unfortunately, when Westword was the only thing in the bathroom and I was taking a dump, I made the mistake of reading your column with the discussion of fat bitches who need to lose weight. In America, if you marry someone who is disabled, the law requires you to take care of them if you want a divorce. On the other hand, if your spouse becomes disabled after you're married, you're off the hook (à la Newt Gingrich). You have no obligation to legally take care of the loser (in your eyes) whom you committed to spend your life with. Think about that the next time you promote your so-called advice — if you have anything resembling a conscience, which I know you don't, you fucking fag!

P.S.: Westword, your movie reviews at the corporate level (along with Savage Love and Ask a Mexican) suck the big dick! On the other hand, Kenny Be, What's So Funny, Michael Paglia and Jason Sheehan rock!
Fat Boy
A loyal reader since 1977

"Sanity Claus," Michael Roberts, December 13

Touched by an Angle

Wow, is Michael Roberts out of touch! "Since SNL stopped being funny years ago"? What does that mean? Now this entire article does not make sense. That's like me reviewing a new car but saying "since BMW makes bad cars" when making a comparison.  He should check out a journalism class or two.
Jason Peter
Huntington, West Virginia