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Johnny Fiasco

While remedies may vary, there's no better antidote for a post-NYE hangover than a few days of bed rest followed by an all-night dance session. Something about all that sweating when you should be sleeping seems to really purge the toxins and provide a sweet jump start for the new year. This time around, such an opportunity presents itself in the form of Johnny Fiasco, a Chicago house DJ who remembers when house split off from its disco roots — and who still isn't sure that was such a great idea. Fiasco spins soul-drenched, discorgasmic house music, the kind that blends the pilled-up futurism feel of house with the sexed-up hedonism of the best Saturday Night Fever-era disco. If there's a better way to remember the past while looking to the future (the proper way to celebrate a brand new year, after all), I don't know what it is.