Talking Shop

To Chef William Poole and Loren Penton, his partner in business and crime at their LoHi shop, Wen Chocolates, chocolate is life. Or at least the true meaning of existence: "Wen" is Egyptian for "to exist," and the bounding rabbit that is Wen's stylish logo is also its hieroglyphic. To go full circle, Valentine's Day is Wen's reason to exist.

Chef Will's signature chocolate truffles go above and beyond whatever it is that truffles are meant to do; whether aphrodisiac, stimulant or health food, each is a work of art, infused with any of a long list of surprising flavors — the burn of cayenne or chili powders, floral rose and violet aromas, essence of black tea, chamomile or coffee, to name just a few. Don't doubt it: Chocolate — especially chocolate like this — is better than sex. But maybe we shouldn't go there.

Wen Chocolates is at 1541 Platte Street; visit or dial 303-477-5765.
Feb. 13-29, 2008