Thinking Green

Even though I don't like beer (and especially not green beer), St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday. First, because I actually am Irish. Second, because green is my favorite color — and incidentally, with my Irish coloring, I look pretty damn good in it. Third, because who couldn't use a reason to get falling-down drunk one day of the year? And fourth, because I fear snakes, and St. Patrick is famous for ridding Ireland of the scaly critters.

You can probably come up with better reasons to celebrate St. Patrick's Day; one of them should be the traditional St. Paddy's Day Celebration in Snowmass, which takes place (duh) today. The party includes Celtic dancers and bagpipers, a Lucky Leprechaun scavenger hunt, free traditional Irish concerts (as well as some free plain old rock concerts), a Blarney Bash, Irish cuisine, green ski runs and, of course, green beer, which I'll be skipping.

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Mon., March 17, 2008