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Dan Craig

Dan Craig found time between commitments to medical school and indie-pop juggernauts Hearts of Palm to realize his third full-length album (due to be unveiled at the Oriental Theater this Friday, May 9). Craig makes mellow, innocuous acoustic music that moms just love, with nods to other sweet, sensitive types like James Taylor, Counting Crows and Bright Eyes. His lyrics, meanwhile, tend toward life-affirming, often overtly Christian themes. All the same, Craig must have sold his soul to the devil for the undeniably gorgeous, irresistible melodies and harmonies that fill Skin — as well as his deft and tasteful guitar playing. Colin Bricker's shimmeringly clear recording lets the simplicity of Craig's songs shine through while highlighting Erin Donovan's angelic vocal harmonies and cameos by members of the Flobots, Hearts of Palm and Bela Karoli.