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The Dirtbombs

Remember when the Gories stunned Detroit in the late '80s? No? Well, you're not the only one. Worry not, true believers: Striking in a new direction from the Gories' minimalist rhythm section — which featured no bass and only tom-toms — comes the Dirtbombs, led by guitarist/vocalist Mick Collins, who hypothesized that a two-bass/two-drum kit lineup would thoroughly kick out the jams. With Collins's fuzzed-out guitar at the wheel, the Dirtbombs are touring in support of We Have You Surrounded, an oddly upbeat concept album about the end of the world. Despite the devastatingly over-long interpretation of mutually assured destruction aptly titled "Race to the Bottom," Surrounded is a worthy addition to the Dirtbombs' canon, although not as strong as the classic Ultraglide in Black. If this band doesn't make your special purpose tingle, then you don't have a special purpose.