Bartlett Pair

Richard Brenne, author of the upcoming book The Truth About Everything, calls Al Bartlett a prophet of what should be common sense, but too often isn’t. Bartlett, a professor emeritus of physics at the University of Colorado and a friend of Brenne’s, has been documenting the effects of exponential population growth — and the accompanying consumption of oil and other resources — for four decades. Brenne’s book, meanwhile, addresses issues such as climate change, peak oil, resource depletion and related social-injustice implications while chronicling the history and future of energy. But, he says, the book has a sense of humor, too, and a spiritual perspective, including what he calls the “best of all belief systems” (atheism).

Tonight, Brenne and Bartlett come together for a Chautauqua forum titled “The Future of Sustainability: An Evening With Al Bartlett.” Brenne will interview Bartlett on some of the aforementioned topics. “The design is to get to know Al, as well as his ideas, with great affection and humor, so that people feel they’ve had an evening as entertaining as any they’ve spent at the theater while learning more than they might’ve learned from any single speaker,” Brenne explains.

The forum, presented by Boulder County Going Local!, costs $5 and starts at 7 p.m. at 900 Baseline Road in Boulder. For information, go to
Mon., June 9, 2008