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The Offspring

The Offspring is even more venerable than most fairweather fans realize. In 1994, when Dexter Holland, Greg K. and Noodles experienced their first mainstream success thanks to "Self-Esteem" and "Come Out and Play" (which continue to earn airplay, because they still hold up), they'd already been performing under their current moniker for nine years — meaning that 2010 marks their 25th anniversary. Fortunately, they still retain their pop-punky enthusiasm. But they wouldn't have survived this long without being professionals, and that quality dominates their new disc, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. "Half-Truism," "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" and "Rise and Fall" stick with the outfit's well-established style — and why not? While countless combos have come and gone since the mid-'80s, the members of the Offspring, who headline KTCL's Big Gig over Paramore, Dropkick Murphys, the Spill Canvas, Dropping Daylight, Skyfox and local acts such as the Heyday, are still around. And they don't plan on going anywhere.