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Three Cheers Faraday at the hi-dive

It's unfortunate that the town that spawned the likes of Cavity and the VSS is now known mostly for jam bands whose hallmark is self-indulgent soloing. It comes as a pleasant surprise, then, that a band as dynamic, rich and concise as Three Cheers Faraday (due at the hi-dive on Friday, August 15) could emerge from Boulder. The outfit's angular yet sinuous rhythms and chiming guitars are reminiscent of Gang of Four, yet its obtuse pop sensibilities and creative pacing recall acts like the Dismemberment Plan. At the same time, there's a playful element to Faraday's music that keeps even the group's desperate-sounding songs from driving full on into darkness. Few musicians would take their name from an obscure physicist, but with their penchant for musical invention, these guys are clearly not your average band.