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DJ Heather at Bar Standard

Hailing from Chicago, DJ Heather grew up surrounded by the very roots of house music. She got her first stint as a tastemaker in college, where she manned a low-wattage station and spread her influence over the cafeteria crowd at lunchtime. Later, she picked up gigs in a bar, playing a mix of everything from disco and rock to hip-hop and rare groove, then took a job as a hip-hop buyer in a record store, continually growing her skills and gigs until she quit to concentrate full-time as a DJ. Eventually she joined together with DJs Collette and Dayhota to form the collective Superjane and began focusing her endeavors on house music. These days she's an in-demand DJ and rising producer who's released several solid mixed discs, including entries in the House of Om and Fabric series. Her sound has evolved into a soulful, disco-tinged, techno-kissed brand of Chicago house, true to the deepest roots of the style but as forward-looking as any in the business. Catch her Saturday, October 11, at Bar Standard, and hear what the best of Chicago sounds like these days.