LOL League

Times are hard. Why, just last week, my scooter was stolen, my dog needed expensive dental surgery and an 800-pound hangover sat on my face, crushing my skull. Don’t even get me started on the economy and the whole wretched election season. I need some relief.

“There’s some pretty heavy stuff going on these days,” agrees Cindy Sewell, marketing and PR director for the Art Students League of Denver, “and a show about humor would be a great way to lift some people’s spirits.”

Dr. Sewell’s correct, of course. Her prescription? ASLD’s This Is Hilarious! exhibition, a smattering of humorous, ironic, satiric and silly two- and three-dimensional pieces created by students, members and faculty.

“The goal is that it will be entertaining and funny and witty and get people to laugh,” adds Sewell, who, medical degree or not, has the remedy for what ails me.

This Is Hilarious! continues through December 19. Find ASLD at 200 Grant Street; get more information at or by calling 303-778-6990.
Nov. 7-Dec. 19, 2008