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Bottoms — or heads — up at the Retro Room

I haven't had anyone cut my hair since I bought some electric clippers more than a decade ago. Although that $20 investment has saved me hundreds of dollars in the years since, I still miss my last barber. He was from the old school; after finishing a trim, he'd slap warm shaving cream on my neck, shave me with a straight razor and then smack on Clubman aftershave lotion, which probably made me smell a good thirty years older than I was.

Much as I appreciated my old barber, if there had been a place like the Retro Room (2034 Larimer Street) back when I still needed haircuts, I probably would have gone there instead. Hell, I might even have skipped the clippers — because this is a full-service salon whose service includes a full bar.

A few months ago, Dominic Roybal, who'd run Code 3 Lounge at this address for more than a year, turned what had been Code 3's pool room into a hip salon with bar stools and renamed the entire place the Retro Room. Roybal's wife, Johnna, who heads up the salon side, says she's been getting a steady stream of walk-ins since then, many of whom appreciate being able to drink while they're getting their hair done.

The bar side still looks much as it did during the Code 3 days, save for the reception desk near the front window. But that's because this is no clip joint: The saloon offers killer drink specials including $2 beers and $3 U-Call-Its on Sundays and Mondays, two-for-ones on Tuesdays, and a Wednesday late-night happy hour that starts at 10 p.m.

Club scout: Bender's Tavern (314 East 13th Avenue) recently introduced 2 Cent Sundays, an open-stage hip-hop night for DJs, MCs and beat-makers. The action gets started at 10 p.m., fueled by $2 wine, wells and domestic drafts. Lipgloss DJs Michael Trundle and Tyler Jacobson are hosting another one of their Hang the DJs nights on Friday, November 28, at La Rumba (99 West Ninth Avenue); John Hill (of Dressy Bessy and Apples in Stereo), Tim Cook, DJ Cyren and DJ Caution will also be at the decks with rotating three-song sets. And the folks at Broken Leg Productions will debut "Have Yourself a Jazzy Little Christmas: A Cabaret" at alto (1320 15th Street) at 7 p.m. Sunday, November 30; it will run at the restaurant/club Sunday and Monday nights through December 29.

The Little Pub Company, which owns Patrick Carroll's (3963 Tennyson Street), Three Dogs Tavern (3390 West 32nd Avenue) and a dozen other bars around town, recently opened the Old Man in the former home of Roosters Bar & Patio, at 4381 West 120th Avenue in Broomfield. And Roosters recently found a new home: in the onetime Memories Sports Bar, at 8980 Federal Boulevard.