Totally Tubular

Love it or hate it, television is an inescapable force in our culture. In recognition of this fact — and of the impending end of analog broadcasts (originally scheduled for February 17, but postponed until June 12) — artist Eric Matelski put together Poor Reception, a television art show featuring his own works and those from Danyl Cook, Daniel Lowenstein, Dunn, Joroko, Laurie Maves, Russ Wright and more.

The subjects and media range from beloved icons of the broadcast age to the ever-present glowing boxes themselves, and offer a range of unique viewpoints on people’s relationships with TV. “Some of the artwork is actually done on televisions, using the screen as the canvas and then using static as negative space. Some of that imagery is more iconic television imagery, some of it just portrays a love/hatred towards television,” Matelski says. “If you didn’t really want to look at television or you feel that television is not artistic enough, this gives you a different reason to stare at your TV.”

Tune in tonight from 6 to 9 p.m. for the closing reception at Kaze Gallery, 3245 Osage Street, including a soundtrack of TV theme songs. For more info, call 303-898-4350 or visit
Feb. 17-March 13, 2009