Topsy Turvy

When photographer Tom Parsons began conceptualizing portraits to shoot of his friends and family, he decided to play with gravity: He placed large frames on the floor, mounted his camera twelve to fifteen feet above the frames and posed his subjects within them. “By having someone lay on the floor to be photographed, I knew it would be just uncomfortable enough to get them out of their element — capturing them in a unique, unfamiliar light,” Parsons writes in an artist statement. “Through a series of accidents, I quickly realized if I had people interact with the frame, I could create a magical perspective deprived of vertical gravity.”

Gravity Deprivation, an exhibit of the resulting photographs, opens April 24 at the Camera Obscura Gallery, 1309 Bannock Street. A reception from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. includes a video clip depicting the generation of one of Parsons’s compositions, along with live music by a cellist. Gravity Deprivation remains on display through May 30; visit or call 303-623-4059.
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: April 24. Continues through May 30, 2009