In the Pocket

I have a thing for Swiss Army knives. Don’t you? It’s so neat the way everything folds up in a practical ballet of metal and blades — so functional. And the look of the knife, with its bright red enameled veneer, is just so sharp. Plus, the Swiss Army knife is a living testament to the idea that retro is better: It’s better-made, longer-lasting and more classic in appearance than any of those modern do-hickeys without a history. So sure, I’m ready to hop on board when the Victorinox Swiss Army Road Tour breezes into town in a 34-foot Airstream trailer and stops for the day at the Garment District, 2595 South Colorado Boulevard, on its tour through eight U.S. cities.

Inside the trailer, you’ll find a sleek retrospective display commemorating Swiss Army’s remarkable 125th anniversary, recalling the day in 1884 when Karl Elsener opened his first cutlery workshop in Ibach, Switzerland, and presenting a veritable historical timeline of knives, timepieces, travel gear and more. And special anniversary merchandise will be available for purchase inside the Garment District, including everything from a limited edition replica Heritage Knife to an Infantry Vintage Jubilee watch. Sweet.

After today, it’s on to Vail, where the trailer will be parked from June 4 to 7, throughout the Teva Mountain Games; for information, log on to
Tue., June 2, 9 a.m.-8 p.m., 2009