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Postmodern Troll

With analog synths blending in with the most cutting-edge sounds these days, this album sounds like it could have come out at any time post-Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise? Except that Kyle Person, the act's only member, couldn't have composed and put together the music alone as well as this until the last decade or so. But rather than the half-baked indie bedroom recordings we've heard of late, Leftovers to Be is a well-crafted group of electronic pop songs that incorporates sound-collage techniques and sampling for a result both spectral and infectiously poppy. It sounds as though Person picked up where the Eurhythmics left off in 1984 and mixed it with Tangerine Dream's '80s soundtracks. Fans of the Helio Sequence will enjoy the eccentric delights to be found here.