Dog Wild

Any metro-area denizen who’s ever been surprised by a fox crossing the alley or a blue jay squawking in a backyard tree won’t be surprised to learn that the city is teeming with wildlife, if you just know where to look. But with that knowledge comes a certain responsibility, and to help educate the public about urban nature and how to co-exist with wild animals, Denver Parks and Recreation is hosting Wild About Denver, a series of free guided nature walks in some of the city’s most abundant natural areas, throughout the summer.

On July 21, attendees will have a chance to observe prairie dogs (and perhaps ponder the ongoing debate about whether or not they’re charming or pesky) during Urban Prairie Dogs, a presentation in Rosamond Park; meet in the parking lot at Tamarac Street and Quincy Avenue. Nature lovers of all ages are invited to participate, but be prepared to walk a bit; call 303-455-1623 to register in advance, as space is limited. Future events include inside looks at beavers, prairie grasses, birds, coyotes and more, at various locations; for a complete schedule, visit and click on Wild About Denver.
Tue., July 21, 6 p.m., 2009