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Fake Problems

Florida's Fake Problems may be proof that evolution is real — musically, anyway. The quartet, which has since added cello and trumpet to its live show, was, at its earliest inception, often compared to its Florida brethren in Against Me! This prompted one unnamed Gainsville rocker to refer to the band as "Against Mini Me." Much like the first water-dwelling animal to crawl onto land, however, Fake Problems has sprouted new legs and learned to thrive in the harsh, often judgmental world of punk. The band's latest record, It's Great to Be Alive, flirts with disco-esque rhythms reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand and enough horn-layered orchestration to make you wonder if the band even remembers the three-chord-punk formula it once relied on. One listen to guitarist Casey Lee's finger-tapping guitar work throughout the song "Heart BPM" may at least be proof that these guys don't plan on devolving anytime soon.