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For a CD titled A Farewell to Echoes, there sure are a lot of, well, echoes. Fell recorded this during the delay of its upcoming Incoherent Lullabies. Sure enough, there's a raw, rushed aura here despite its ethereal layering and exquisite eruptions of distortion. "Low at Dusk, Distance at Dawn" comes on like an alcoholic astronaut, dribbling druggy funk and murmurs of white noise; the lead line that winds throughout is so sinuous and blissful, it sounds like Josh Wambeke is showing more than platonic love to his guitar. Thankfully, the busy shimmer drifts into a psychedelic somnambulance that's more wet dream than hand job. And if that sleepy majesty ends up being echoed on Lullabies when it's finally released in August, so much the better.