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16 Bit Lolitas at Vinyl

If you long for the glory days of progressive house, ache for the smooth, propulsive and polished mixes of Sasha and John Digweed past, you need to listen to 16 Bit Lolitas (due at Vinyl on Friday, July 31). Amsterdam-based Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock are busy re-creating that same vibe today. You can hear it both in their original productions, such as "Sedna" and "Take It or Leave It," and in their DJ work, exemplified by their recent Warung Brazil 001 mix, which, it should be said, contains an entire disc of their original productions. Whether you consider that sound timeless or hopelessly dated will determine how you feel about the Lolitas, but for fans of sophisticated, complex and balanced progressive house productions, the rise of these Dutch masters is ample cause for celebration.