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DJ Sensé at Beta

If Denver had a dance-music Hall of Fame, DJ Sensé would have to be one of its inaugural inductees. Back in the '90s, Sensé helped forge the dance-music scene that continues to flourish to this day. As a DJ and producer, he brought some of the classic New York house sound and experience to Denver's scene. Later, he went on to found the record/store and label Casa Del Soul, which helped put Denver on the map (one of the label's initial releases made it onto a Lee Burridge/Craig Richards Tyrant mix). These days, he's helping to build a legitimate dance-music scene in Las Vegas, Casa Del Soul's new home town. He's one of those DJs who can work comfortably in a variety of styles, from banging, big-room mixes to down-tempo chillout, but usually he delivers deep, dirty and soul-kissed house grooves for heads. Sensé doesn't come to town often, so grab this opportunity to catch a little bit of Denver house-music history — and a little bit of sun — at the Rock da Float pool party from 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday, August 16, at Beta.