Turning the Page

Competition is supposed to be the engine of business — but for Nina and Ron Else, owners of the Broadway Book Mall, cooperation comes first.

Formerly part of the recently dissolved Denver Book Mall (which occupied the storefront at 32 Broadway for many years), the couple's Who Else! Books is the cornerstone of the new BBM, at 200 South Broadway. As with the old digs, the new space brings together a wide range of independent booksellers under one roof — a pooling of resources that Nina feels is fundamental to being part of the community. “The intent was to keep us all in business, because we love what we're doing,” says Nina, who is unfazed by the alarmists predicting the death of bookstores in the face of Amazon.com and e-books. “It seems like an odd time to launch a bookstore, doesn't it? You'd think we would take this opportunity to go quietly away. But those of us at the Broadway Book Mall are still dedicated to the printed book,” she says.

The grand-opening celebration of the BBM will spread out across Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and noted local authors Connie Willis, Carrie Vaughn and Mario Acevedo (among others) are slated to appear. For more info, visit www.broadwaybookmall.com or call 303-744-2665.
Sept. 5-7, 2009