From the week of September 10, 2009

"Denver or Bustier," Off Limits, September 3

What a Pair!

Enjoyed your parody of the Denver Magazine cover that turned Channel 31 anchors into "skankers." But let's face it: That cover was so easy to make fun of that this was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Joel Palmer


How embarrassing for them and Denver TV. I used to like Channel 2's morning show with Tom Green and Natalie Tysdal; I wondered what happened to her. This is what happens when you bring a small-time (Birmingham, Alabama) GM to a big city to do things the good ol' boy way. They don't know what a "deuce" means, the production value is worse than a college TV station, and they force the talent to become strippers. I may watch Fox 31 for the first time just to see if Libby Weaver has a few dollar bills tucked in her G-string.

Pete Kuhn

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Bill Ritter looks eerily like Sammy Hagar now.


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It seems that Westword consistently espouses trite, mean-spirited, banal nonsense that speaks to the lowest common denominator.

What is tasteless is a matter of perspective — but what is newsworthy, not so much. This desperate publication is trying anything to stay alive in this city.

Anti-BS Machine

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"Denver or Indianapolis?," Off Limits, September 3

A Tale of Two Cities

Quality-of-life issues, cost of living — this is a big one that you can bet Republic's current Indiana employees are concerned with. The company would need to raise the current pay of everyone affected by the move to offset the cost of living. Otherwise, good luck convincing people to give up their current lifestyles for "the scenic view."

Most of Republic's management and employees live in Hamilton County,'s 2008 America's Best Place to Raise a Family due to its strong economy, affordable living, top-ranked schools and close proximity to Indianapolis.

Flying By

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You forgot the Indy 500. The Colts are much more popular now than the Broncos ever were. How many Super Bowls have the Colts lost? Weren't the Avalanche stolen from Quebec?

Jane Pauley is also from Indiana. She graduated from the same high school as Dave Letterman.

Fair Assessor

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I'd agree that Denver takes the cake on the majority of those categories, including the best music venue (it doesn't get better than Red Rocks). However, Verizon Wireless Music Center is, in my opinion, one of the better outdoor amphitheaters in the country. It is much better than its generic name suggests, and because of that, many still refer to it by its old name, Deer Creek.

Ed Paff Jr.


"Death in the Drive-Thru," Jared Jacang Maher, August 27

Stupidity at the Wheel

It seems that a drunken encounter of morons that would usually end up as just another episode of Judge Joe Brown took a horrible turn. And the only person who seems to have shown some sense in the situation ended up the victim. Sad, very sad. But racially motivated? Really?! Stupidity spun those wheels.

AJ Menchaca

Fort Collins