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To a certain cross-section of Coloradans, Aaron Hobbs's scratchy, aching cry is the voice of a generation. As high-blown as that may sound, it's true: While plenty of local bands have come and gone over the past decade and a half, Hobbs's Small Dog Frenzy and Acrobat Down have stayed the course, crafting solid, humble, dependable indie rock indebted to Treepeople, Samiam and the scrappy charm of early Superchunk. Hobbs's latest outfit, Popwreck, is no different — and this debut might just be the apotheosis of the sound he's been chasing all these years. Bearing not-too-clever turns of phrase and gnarled little fistfuls of melody, Hobbs has imbued Scorpio's six songs with wit, vigor and honey-baited hooks you'll be happy to let fester in your heart muscle. Keep pumping 'em out, Hobbs. We'll keep following.