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Crack Magic

Reminiscent of noise-jazz-spazz rockers Total Shutdown and the Low Down, Crack Magic also seems steeped in the abbreviated brutality of hardcore and early screamo. Opening with the abrasive "Missed Connections," the band sounds as though its singer were engaged in some kind of weird BDSM asphyxiation play with a psychotic crane flailing about, hitting everything in sight. This violent conflagration of noise characterizes most of the songs here, except "Africanized Bees," which contains moments of dynamic nuance rare in the parade of sonic assault and pummeling that make up each of the nine tracks. "Ike Turner," meanwhile, sounds like those horrifying moments old Ike is said to have inflicted on Tina, and "Ted Haggard" embodies the fury one can have for abject hypocrisy. This is for anyone for whom the Locust didn't do enough to deconstruct punk rock.