Taking Paints

Everybody wants to be an artist, but most people are afraid to try. That’s one reason local artist Brittney Wilson opened Canvas and Cocktails at 249 Clayton Street in Cherry Creek North. (Another reason: to show her dad that an art degree does count for something.) Offering a new, more social take on art lessons that injects a little fun into the proceedings without taxing paintbrush newbies, Wilson teaches several nights a week, with themes changing daily and a freewheeling, bring-your-own-beverage clause to ensure a party atmosphere.

“I owned my own wholesale pottery line for five years, but I got really lonely, out in the studio by myself all the time,” Wilson explains. “So I started hosting tennis socials on the side. And then I decided this would be a good way to combine the social aspect with my art. This way, I have the best of both worlds.” So far, it’s turned out unexpectedly well, with a few surprises: “I expected to get mostly young single women, but so far I’ve had moms and daughters, guys with dates, husbands and wives, even boyfriends with boyfriends. I’ve definitely hit just about every variety of person you can imagine.”

Class prices vary from $35 to $40 and include all materials and instruction. For registration and a full schedule of classes, log on to www.canvasandcocktails.com or call 303-333-3288.
Wednesdays-Saturdays, 6:30 p.m., 2009