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Hot White

Nightmarishly fragmented noise rock wracks the six tracks of Hot White's debut. Clearly taking some artistic cues from the likes of Lightning Bolt, Chinese Stars and 31G artists in general, this album might sound like thornily organized chaos. Darren Kulback's powerful and creatively precise drumming grounds each song even as it seems Kulback himself might go off the rails, too. Kevin Wesley's guitar work is part warped dentist drill, part atonal warning siren spiraling around the rhythm like a caustic vortex of sound. Tiana Bernard's bass playing is insistent and menacing on its own, and her vocals are reminiscent of Teenage Jesus-era Lydia Lunch with similarly disturbing lyrical content, including a song about a famous Japanese cannibal murderer called "Issei Sagawa Thought She Was Totally Delicious." Beautifully abrasive and wild from beginning to end.