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The Big Pink

London's Big Pink borrowed its name from the Band's classic debut album and set about producing music possessed of vast, swirling horizons and heady dynamics. The record's introspective, declarative lyrics are like beacons in the hazy early-morning soundscape. In that respect, the Big Pink is reminiscent of British dream-pop bands of the late '80s and early '90s, but with a full two decades of electro-pop development from which to draw when crafting its gorgeously blissed-out aesthetic. Since signing with the 4AD imprint in February 2009, this duo has worked with legendary producer Alan Moulder on "Velvet," a single praised by Pitchfork and remixed by Brooklyn neo-tribalists Gang Gang Dance. Touring in support of its debut album, A Brief History of Love, Pink brings its big sound to this big country.