The Last Dance

I first saw Riverdance more than ten years ago on the other side of the planet, in Perth, Western Australia. That just goes to show you how far the phenomenal Irish music, song and dance performance has come from its humble beginnings. “It's interesting to know that this show started as a little seven-minute intermission entertainment at the Eurovision Song Contest — the venue that launched ABBA back in the day," notes the Denver Center's Genevieve Miller. "Then, clearly, it took off."

But all good things must come to an end, and Riverdance is on its farewell tour around the world, including the fourth and final visit to Denver. The show hits the Buell Theatre in Denver Performing Arts Complex for eight performances today through November 29.

“It's a cultural phenomenon, and it sells out all over the world, so it's a show we know Denver audiences are eager to experience again," Miller notes. "The sheer magnitude of the sound and visuals of what you experience at the show make it truly unique." Don't miss your last-ever chance to see this amazing dance performance live and in person; tickets start at just $20. Visit or call 303-893-4100.
Nov. 24-29, 2009