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With a slip of the tongue, the name CunninLynguists can change from a description of one of the most respected hip-hop acts in the game to an act that, if performed without discretion, could get you kicked out of most places. CunninLynguists' Kno and Deacon the Villain have, with very little discretion, been performing their brand of tongue-stretching hip-hop since their 2001 LP, Will Rap for Food. The debut LP came under some fire as the pair called out posturing gangsta rappers with the track "Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts." The group is touring in support of its latest effort, Strange Journey Volume Two, which features a notable cameo from E-40, who adds his own brand of California swagger on "Running Wild." The current tour, which is named after the LP, will run through such well-known hip-hop hot spots as Scottsdale, Arizona; Eugene, Oregon; and Steamboat Springs — places where the act should be able to win over fans without having to perform any, um, discretionary acts.