It’s Hip to Be Square

Sometimes the best way to stimulate creativity is to saddle yourself with limitations. “Once you put a seeming constraint on something, it seems to make people freer in how they think about it,” says Dea Webb, co-owner of Plastic Chapel.

That's the idea behind Square Footage, one of the gallery/store's two annual open shows. The premise is simple: Each piece of art submitted has to have dimensions of one foot by one foot. “I don't even care about the other dimension at all; it can even be three-dimensional,” explains Webb. “Last year we had eighty or ninety [entries]. We had drawings, we had paintings, we had sculptures. We had a few dioramas and some multimedia things. A couple of them lit up last year, and that was cool.”

The show is open to any artist who wants to participate, and Webb says some familiar names from past Plastic Chapel shows, such as Scot Lefavor, Markham Maes and Mike Graves will be included. It starts with a free reception at 7 p.m. December 12 at Plastic Chapel, 3109 East Colfax Avenue, and runs through the first week of January. But don’t worry: If you buy a piece as a Christmas gift, Webb promises you can take it home in time. For more info, call 303-722-0715 or visit
Dec. 12-Jan. 9, 2009