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Throwaway Sunshine

The best punk rock always has a busted heart shivering beneath all the bluster and distortion. It's a stretch to say that Throwaway Sunshine can be so simply labeled, but there's no denying the punch, grit and world-weary determination of its full-length debut, For Everything We're Not. Fronted by Cory Trendler, guitarist of the Blackout Pact, the fledgling group has assembled a batch of songs that hop up and down on the shoulders of Leatherface and Jawbreaker; luckily, that's a formula that's far from run its course, as evidenced by Trendler and crew's hoarse melody, triumphant melancholy and almost monstrous rawness. If you haven't had your dick knocked in the dirt by life, love and/or the void of existence lately, do so — it'll make Everything ache even that more sweetly.