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Congorock at Beta

The music of Congorock sounds like the bastard child of hard house and a coked-up, hard-partying Nintendo Game Boy. The Italian DJ/producer is quickly garnering a reputation for party-starting tracks and mixes that cross all boundaries and take no prisoners. Take his debut release, "Runark," for example: It kicks off with a ear-scorching video-game riff, segues into a breakbeat, then mixes in chopped-up samples, a banging house beat, repetitive electro bass and cheesy, machine-gun snare roll builds in various measures. It's a head-banging, face-melting, fist-pumping take on house that abandons all pretense of subtlety in favor of pushing the energy level up, up and away. And, yes, like the drugs that make it sound good, it's probably causing some serious brain damage — but that doesn't mean it isn't fun while it lasts. Catch Congorock this Friday, February 5, at Beta, where he'll play with Harvard Bass.