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The Antlers

It's funny that Brooklyn's Antlers are touring with England's Editors, seeing as how each band represents a distinct type of overdone, over-hyped indie rock that hopefully will be put to pasture now that the new decade has come. Like stalwart soldiers who don't realize the war is over, the Antlers hammer away at a tired, repetitive, overwhelmingly whiny stripe of music that builds and builds to nowhere, as precious as the Arcade Fire (minus the grandeur) and as neutered as Animal Collective (minus the imagination). The trio's 2009 debut, Hospice, clearly fancies itself a work of anthemic, shivering atmosphere, but really it's just shitty poetry set to self-glorified wimpiness. If nothing else, let's hope the next ten years brings a wave of new indie bands with courage, fire and a spirit of adventure. Until then, here are the Antlers. Let's party like it's 2005.