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Dustin Zahn at MESS's Spring Equinox Party

The complex, intricate techno favored by Dustin Zahn is miles away from the mainstream conception of techno as brainless, soulless, repetitive thump-thump-thump. While he does deliver the thump-thump-thump, his work incorporates delicate, fleeting strands of melody that dance around deep, layered percussion and synth work. And while repetition is a tool in his arsenal, most of the time you'll barely have time to get comfortable with one groove before he's progressed to the next. Alone or with partner Ian Lehman as Attack People, Zahn has a nose for nuanced techno sounds that straddle the gulf between accessible and brain-bendingly weird. His tracks for his label, Enemy Records, as well as other top labels such as Truesoul, are always well received, and he's also notched some pretty hot remixes, including his recent take on Dubfire's "Road Kill." Catch him Saturday, March 20, at MESS's Spring Equinox party at 719 West Eighth Avenue.