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The Bedsit Infamy

Opening track "Harvest of the West" has the kind of blue-eyed soul sound favored by English bands of the early '80s — the kind that is clearly written to be catchy and poppy but with an underlying element of darkness and sharply observed commentary. "The Film Society Is Watching Me" deftly blends driving rhythms with a closing section of calm punctuated by gritty bass guitar chords that sound like modulated, percussive bursts of raw electricity. The sparkly tones inside "Down Down" are reminiscent of Chronic Town-era R.E.M., while the track's urgent pacing suggests a headlong desire for escape. This EP ends with "Hey! Hey!," a tune that mixes dusky atmospheres with fragile, spindly elements for a uniquely expansive sound. Overall, these are smart, concise, soulful pop songs that bear repeated listening.