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Jimmy Gnecco

Anyone who's ever met Ours frontman Jimmy Gnecco will tell you he's an intense dude. He's the type of guy who perpetually appears to be pondering something profound. Whether he's actually ruminating on something of consequence, of course, is anyone's guess. But his intensity is palpable. He's also an immensely talented vocalist who's virtually without peer. There are a handful of singers worthy of being mentioned in the same breath, and of those, the one he's compared to the most (Jeff Buckley) is no longer even living. As a songwriter, Gnecco is occasionally transcendent. Doesn't matter, though. With his otherworldly voice, dude could sing lines from an auto repair manual and still be spine-chilling. Touring in support of his solo debut, The Heart, slated for release on July 20, Gnecco returns to the Walnut Room for what's sure to be an incredibly intimate and moving performance.