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Bop Skizzum

Andy Guerrero returns to his funk act after shutting it down to focus on his work as a guitarist for the Flobots. This is his return home in a lot of ways, and mainstream success has left its mark: This is squeaky-clean music, more broadly influenced than before, crafted by someone with an ear for what people want. So there's R&B and soul infused with some serious kick that Guerrero probably found with the Flobots. Funk purists might decry the pop effects and hustle tempos, but this is highly listenable stuff; it's hard to imagine a scenario where you would play Push and have it tank. Tough to say where Bop Skizzum goes from here — whether this was a one-off labor of love or a sign of bigger things on the horizon — but there is no questioning Guerrero as a standout of the Denver scene.