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Iron Maiden

Written off in the '90s as yet another relic of the original heavy-metal era, Iron Maiden found new life and relevance when metal made a huge comeback in the new millennium. Still, it's sad that resurgence had to happen in such a roundabout way: If Maiden has long proved one thing, it's that the quintet isn't just a pioneering metal band, but also one of the greatest rock bands ever. From the group's early days with growling frontman Paul Di'Anno to its rebirth with unparalleled singer Bruce Dickenson at the helm, Iron Maiden has produced a body of work as melodic, accomplished, uncompromising and resonant as anyone's. The band's new studio album, Final Frontier, is due out this summer, but expect plenty of epic classics like "The Number of the Beast," "Run to the Hills" and "Aces High" here.