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Swimming With Models

Anyone familiar with electronic music of the '90s and underground hip-hop will hear shades of Sole, Massive Attack, post-ambient Aphex Twin and Dead Cities-era Future Sound of London on this intriguingly eclectic release. If Martin Scorsese decided to remake After Hours, "Makin' Love Free" would be the ideal song for Griffin Dunne's surrealistic sense of confusion wandering SoHo as an accidental fugitive. Opener "Classic Bap" recalls a moodier Crystal Method with more thought-provoking lyrics, while "Noix Upstairs" is like a Gil Scott-Heron song co-written by Terrence McKenna: pretty, melodic and completely tripped out. More than anything, this is the kind of thing that James Pants would like to have created with his brilliant 2009 album, Seven Seals, only this material is richer and far weirder.