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Excision at Cervantes'

The music of dubstep artist Excision is a fitting soundtrack to the desolate, gritty, apocalyptic landscape of a future ruled by homicidal machines. His tunes are warped, stuttering affairs studded with samples from both sci-fi and hip-hop (and probably some sci-fi hip-hop for good measure). Wobbly bass that can double as a sonic weapon is the foundation for eerie, meticulously designed timbres that create a claustrophobic atmosphere around his twisting beats. The resulting tracks are masterpieces of the dark side of the dance floor. As a DJ, he fuses his own tracks with similarly sinister material from other artists into a gnarly, rapid-fire blitzkrieg. If you think dance music should always be chipper, upbeat and lighthearted, Excision will scare you away. But if you think dancing in the dark is just fine, catch him Friday, June 11, at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom.