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Justin Bieber

It's a success story fifteen-year-olds dream of: A big-shot producer randomly clicks on your YouTube demo, and — boom — you're whisked off to Atlanta to record with Usher. While Justin Bieber's pairing with R&B moguls might be a little strange — seriously, it's weird to hear his prepubescent boys' choir voice auto-tuned and saying words like "shawty" — it's also surprisingly solid, and so far it's been resonating like gangbusters. Touring in support of his debut, My World 2.0, fully seven songs of which made the Billboard Hot 100, Beiber's sure to draw his share of tweeny-boppers, perhaps even setting off a Beatlemania-style stampede, as an Australian appearance this past spring did. FYI: Bieber's voice reportedly changed between recording sessions for the album and now, and he just can't hit those high notes like he used to — so it might be safe to expect performances in slightly different keys.