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Pollination Population at the Walnut Room Pizzeria

In an era where most of us are scrambling just to get by and otherwise conditioned by modern life to warp our psyches to fit into the dictates of commercial efficiency, the music of Pollination Population is a gentle reminder to derail the madness. At least for a little while. On the surface, this project (due at the Walnut Room Pizzeria on Friday, June 23) is part of that whole freak-folk thing, and indeed, Kate Ersing, the act's primary songwriter, incorporates unconventional storytelling, found sounds and delicate acoustic guitar melodies into the soundscape. Her Edith Piaf-like vocals give each song a sense not just of yesteryear, but of a realm of peaceful introspection found in daydreams. With an array of projections to give her compositions unique hues in the live setting, Ersing's musings are a healthy unreality check, forever.