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Lady Gaga

Take one part religious iconography and one part overt sexuality, top it off with the trendiest pop production available, and you've got a recipe for multi-platinum success. It's a formula Madonna knew all too well, and nobody since has done it with more precisely honed instincts than Lady Gaga. Of course, Gaga ups the ante considerably, at least in the first two departments: With her low, affected croak and her willingness to portray herself in surprisingly unflattering lights, Gaga is creepy in a way Madonna never explored. Given that, "Monster's Ball" is an apt moniker not only for the tour, but also for Gaga's entire persona: a little bit fun, a little bit menacing. Whether the gimmick will lose its luster remains to be seen, but for the time being, there's no denying that Gaga is front and center — and for now, she's earning it.