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The Toadies

With 1995's Rubberneck, the Toadies became radio mainstays across the country and hard-rock icons at home in North Texas. But somehow they couldn't keep the attention of label Interscope Rec­ords. As was the plan, the band went into the studio, but the Interscope higher-ups didn't approve of Feeler, the disc the Toadies recorded and hoped to release in 1998 as the followup to Rubberneck. Not surprisingly, Feeler remained a bug in the Toadies' collective ear. And this month, thirteen years after the fact, with Interscope's ownership of Feeler's songs now expired (the Toadies retained rights to the songs, but Interscope remains in control of the recordings), the band, which reunited in 2008 to release No Deliverance on Dallas-based indie label Kirtland Records, returned to the studio to give the songs another whirl. In August, the band finally will release the disc, first as a digital download and later in standard compact-disc form.